Intermediate Photoshop W/ WACOM Tablet

Thursday, May 28th

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Each session will meet one day a week from 7pm to 9pm for 5 weeks.


A 5-week workshop that focuses on the artistic use of Adobe Photoshop CC.  Day 1 of the class will address the use of the WACOM tablet to enhance your workflow and creativity.  In fact it is required that you have a Wacom tablet to take this class.

The class will then go into depth into:

  1. How to use and customize your Wacom tablet to begin working professionally.

  2. Understanding the Layer Blend modes and how to create stunning visional effects with them.

  3. Introduction to using masking to complete your creative vision.

  4. Custom creating brushes for painting effects.

  5. Introduction to 3D for designers.

  6. How to use Smart Filters and Smart Objects for maximum flexibility.

  7. Learn design effects for graphic artists and photographers that will make you imagery three dimensional.

The workshop will continue in the spirit of gaining an intuitive understanding of the why's and how's behind the functions of Photoshop but also an practical approach to creating intuitively . The student will have hands on experience with true to life applications. Some of these will include color manipulation, retouching, creating painting effects from photos and image blending as well.

For any questions including cost please contact Steve at: (901) 494-0553..