Calibration & Printing


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Each session will meet
once a week from 7pm to 9pm for 5 weeks.

Expand Your Creativity In The Digital Realm

Calibration & Printing workshop is a 5 week class that will teach you not only how to calibrate your system so that your print matches what you see on your monitor but it will also deal with how to produce fine quality prints.


This workshop will to train you on:

1) Calibrating your monitor, system and printer so that what you see on the monitor matches what the printer will produce.

2) Understanding profiles and how to use them.

3) How to prepare your digital files to produce a fine print.

4) How to correctly print color and B&W images.

5) What to look for in a high quality paper.

6) What to look for in shadow, mid-tone and highlight detail.

7) Optimizing the Camera RAW file for optimum output.

8) Utilizing the power of Adjustment Layers to product an image for fine printing.


For any questions including cost please contact Steve at: (901) 494-0553.

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