Creative HDR Photography

Thursday, January 26th, 2012


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Creative HDR (Hight Dynamic Range) Photography - Concept & Application

One of the disadvantages of the imagery that our photographic cameras produces is that it has never allowed us to capture a complete range of information that our human eyes have the ability to witness. HDR (Hight Dynamic Range) photography is the new buzz word among photographers because it creates a color environment that has the ability to capture 32 bits of color and tonal information. Even though our cameras will not capture this extended range of information in a single exposure we have the ability to do so through software such as Photoshop and Photomatix. We will be using Photomatix in conjuction with Photoshop for this class and you can find a free demo version of Photomatix at

In this class we will also discuss and explore the digital Zone System. That's right. This is the very same Zone System that Ansel Adams is famous for and applied to B&W photography. We will apply this to digital photography in the effort to understand HDR and how and why it should be used. We will also be studying B&W photography to learn the foundation and application of the digital Zone System.

The class will introduce you to how HDR should be used. You will learn:

1) How to set up your camera on location for the best results. (On Location shoot will soon be announced)
2) What is HDR? - Introduction to the Digital Zone System (understanding tonal values to enhance your image)
3) Why do we need multiple exposures to obtain a HDR image.
4) How to use bracketed exposures to set up for a HDR image.
5) How to use Photomatix to gain the best results from your bracketed exposures
6) How to use Photoshop to gain the best results from your bracketed exposures
7) How to use Photoshop to enhance the HDR image and much more.

Remember that there are only 8 seats available so reserve yours now.

For any questions including cost please contact Steve at:

(760) 436-9921.

Refund Policy


Due to the limited times that this workshop is offered as well as the extreme limited seating there are no refunds once you commit yourself to the class. If conflicts in your scheduling arrive we will make up the classes that you miss on alternative days.