Fine Print Master Workshop


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Each session will meet once a week from 7pm to 9pm for 5 weeks.

This is a 5 week workshop for the intermediate to advanced user of Photoshop.  This class is a bit different from the rest in that it requires that you to have some knowledge of Photoshop.  This course will focus on your personal work.  You will be required to bring your images or artwork to class.  In this course you will not only learn how to improve your vision but also how to enhance your work in Photoshop for the best possible output. 
We will focus on producing imagery for fine printing with your work.  The outline of the class will allow you to continue your education in Photoshop Artistry.

This workshop will to train you on:

1) Developing your eye to improve the output of your work

2) Creatively using adjustment layers to gain the most impact

3) Preparing your digital your work for the most optimal printing result.

4) Utilizing Camera RAW to obtain the most detail.

8) Effective use of masks to create fine prints

9) Sharpening techniques for the best result


Each session will meet 7pm to 9pm for 5 weeks.

For any questions including cost please contact Steve at: (760) 436-9921.

Seating is limited to eight students only. Reserve now!

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