Lightroom 5

4 Week Interactive Online Workshop $199

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Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Each session will meet once a week from 6pm to 8pm for 4 weeks. Every class meeting will cover a different aspect of Lightroom 5.

Optimizing Your Workflow Using Lightroom 4

This is a 4 week instruction on the use of Lightroom 5 to improving your workflow and the organization of your valued imagery as well as creative manipulation in Lightroom itself. One of my favorite additions is the ability to locally manipulate your images with a Paint Brush. We will study this in terms of the creative possibilities of Lightroom.

In addition, with the attack on the artist’s copyrights this is a valuable program to copyright all of your images so that anyone who has possession of your work will know how to get in touch with you.

You will learn:
1. Understanding the Lightroom 4 Interface.
2. Organizing Your Photos with Lightroom 4.
3. Creative possibilities in Lightroom 4.
4. Optimizing your images using the Lightroom’s RAW adjustments.
5. Using Lightroom 3 to copyright all of your images.
6. Creating a searchable database to apply to all of your images.
7. In depth instruction on Camera RAW and its importance to your workflow.
8. Understanding the application of Catalogues and Collections.
9. Understanding Smart Collections.
10. Printing with Lightroom 4: Optimizing Lightroom 3 for the final output .

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(760) 436-9921.

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